Wednesday, 8 August 2012

classic chic

hi everyone,
i'm back with a new design that is classic chic no other words to describe it.

with love,Mel

pretty in pink/fashion

Sorry i've been gone so long but i've been away in the country for about a month and a half but i'm back with a new design.

with love,

Sunday, 20 May 2012


hey everyone sorry i haven't been blogging lately it's that i have national tests at school so you probably guessed that i'm studying alot and after school i have soccer practice well anyway today i'm gonna tell you that thisspring is really about accesories.
my favorite accesorie shop would have to be claire's an plus i LOVE they're mustach necklace .so these here are just eally cute earrings that i love

Thursday, 3 May 2012


hi everyone, so me and my friend won premeir tickets to see Avengers so i'm leaving now and i hope it is good but the part i'm looking most forward to is the arcade.
After the movie my friend and i are going to the arcade and we have 60 tokens EACH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

and Happy B-Day Kat.(that's my friend)
so thx 4 reading plz comment and follow.
with love,

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


if you guys want you can follow me on tumblr.
my name on tumblr is mess15 so i hope you like my blog and plz tell all your freinds about it.
thx for reading.

summer\spring dresses

i, so i was kinda bored so then i decided to go search for dresses and i found a bunch of cute summer\spring dresses so i made a little collage and i hope you like.
please comment and follow my blog.

with love,

fashion\cute outfit

this is a reaaly fun\cute spring outfit that i really like and i hope you guys like too.
and if your wondering why i'm bloging so much these days it's cuz i'm on spring break with my school so next week i probably won;t be bloging alot except n the weekends.
well anyway here it is...

with love,

the new chic

so lots of girls want to be chic well this is a cute but chic outfit from a store called topshop.
i hope you like it and please leave comments.

with love, Mel

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

cute outfit


so like its spring i want to show you guys lots of outfits and this is a really cute spring\summer outfit from one of my favorite shops, MANGO.
with love, Mel


Hey, so i know finding the perfect pair of spring shoes is difficult cuz you need comfort and fashion but these shoes our comfy and so cute.
wedges are a great choice for spring it gives you that cute flirty look but their comfortable.

with love,


like it is spring i decided to post some cute spring outfits so i know the weather isn't perfect yet but these are a few shorts i really like.

with love,